1. Mars is nicknamed the red planet because it is covered with rust-like dust. Even the atmosphere is a pink- red, colored by tiny particles of dust thrown up from the surface.

2. Mars experiences violent dust storms which continually change its surface.

3. Mars has many massive volcanoes and is home to Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in our solar system, it stands 21km high and is 600km across the base.

4. Mars is the 4th planet from the sun in our solar system.

5. Mars is named after the Roman God of war and agri-culture.

6. It takes Mars about 687 Earth days to orbit the sun one time even though it travels at about the same speed as Earth.

7. A day (from sunrise to sunset) on Mars is about 24 hours, just like Earth.

8. Mars’s atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, and other gases.

9. Mars can be seen without a telescope.  It is a reddish object in the sky.  The planet gets its reddish color from rust (iron oxide) in the surface.


My Indoor Cricket Tournament

My Indoor cricket tournament


On Friday, the 26th of July, I had an Indoor Cricket ImageTournament. My team was called the Howick Ryders. In my team I had 8 players, Ethan, Fletcher, Casper, Akshay, Dean, Ritap, Ronnie and Me. Our tournament was set in the Papatoetoe Cricket Grounds.


In that tournament we were versing 7 teams and those teams were called, Guptill, Mcullum, Vitorie, Gayle, Jadeja and the Prem’s. First we versed team Vitorie and won 221-8. Next we challenged team Guptill we won 260-9. After that we played against Jadeja and we again won 305-6.


Later on, we had a 15 minute break, we were had to verse team Mcullum and again won 292-8. In a moment of Victory came the semi final. For our team this was a lot of pressure but we could handle it. We were determined to conquer team Gayle so we played a game of cricket and won 301-7. My team and I never thought that we would come to this stage but we were in the finals. Our team was going to face the undefeated Prem’s. Since it was the Final my coach, Anil Edaker told me to open up the bowling and we took 8 wickets from them. I also opened up the batting and scored 87 runs. We had successfuly won 319-7.


Sooner or later at 3:00 was the Prize ceremony. My undefeatable team and I were going to the Prize Ceremony to claim 1,00 dollars worth of cricket gear for our club, A bat each with the blackcaps signatures on it and a medal each. That moment was so special that I didn’t want that day to end.


finally while i was going home I told my parents everything in the car. For lunch we stopped at Burger King and went home. I felt great and a I hope I have another tournament, really soon.

Persuasive Writing

Dear Mr. Barratt,

We should have 2 day weekends so we wont miss out on future learning.

We should have 2 day weekends because missing out on future learning can cause damage to your education. If you don’t learn and stay on the right track then that might make you unlucky in terms of jobs.The learning you do in primary is what you use all the way to university so being focused in primary and further on is very important because you might need to catch-up on work you have been missing.

Persuasive Writing

We should have 2 day weekends because you can go to school for longer- Jasdeep

We should have 3 day weekends because you can spend more time with your family- Tristan

We should have 2 day weekends so that we can have longer to learn at school- Amilia

We should have 3 day weekends because then you can have longer on school assignments and homework- Prabhjot

We should have 2 day weekends because we wont miss out on future learning- Jasdeep

We should have 3 day weekends so we can have more time on personal sports- Tristan